The Town

Out here in the perimeter there are no stars.

For those that know of the Verren Hills (admittedly a small number), the region may rightfully be supposed the end of the earth. To the north and west is the frightening expanse of the Snowdowns. Directly north, the shadowy eaves of the Great North Wood shelter the dead and forgotten kingdom of Lossath, as well as the all-too-alive and well kingdom of the Wolflings. Finally, to the northeast stretches the frozen barren known as the Spite. Indeed, the last hope of decent and right-minded folks for aid or succor is at the north gate of Ravenhold.

The Town of Ravenhold

Small Town
Population: 1,138
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 45,200
Isolated; Humans: 1,092; Elves: 17; Dwarves: 11; Half-Elves: 14; Hobbits: 14

Guards: 11
Watch Captain: Fighter lvl-6
Watch Sergeant: Warrior lvl-5

Militia: Queen’s Own 33
Captain: Jaella Vellaise Cavalier lvl-7
Sergeant: Mormo Paudis Fighter lvl-4
Corporal: Paladin lvl-3

Notable Locales and Personages

1) Town Square
Every town has one. This one is roughly circular, stomped dirt, hard as granite. There’s a big old tree about in the middle that has been growing there for as long anyone can recall. There are large wooden billboards around it with all manner of postings on them: lost and found items, jobs, personal messages between travellers, prayers, and just about anything else you can imagine.
Two days a week the square is open to vendors. Typically these vendors are selling minor craft items or offering repairs to common items, like shoes, for example. Rations and other foodstuffs are commonly found for sale. Turcan, the tinker-smith, has a stall on Vendor’s Day. It is operated by his eldest daughter, Elinise, and offers common metal goods: pots, pans, utensils, hammer heads, things of that nature. Gaddys, wife of the mayor, has a booth. She fancies herself a fortune teller and offers card readings, palm readings, and séances. She does have a gift, but it is very erratic. When it works, though, her gift is quite accurate.

2) Greathall
This is where town business is conducted. Legal matters are heard here. Legal documents are kept here. There is an office devoted to the town’s guild masters, where they can meet to conduct guild business. The envoys from the Trade Mission and Keldemar have offices here, as well. The building is fairly new, being completed only last summer, and isn’t being used to its full capacity yet. Mayor Isard Leighs can be found here most of the time during working hours.

3) Temple of the Raven Queen
This temple is the original building in the town. It has stood on this site for nearly 175 years. It has been besieged twice, once by bandits, once by a necromancer and his marauding band of undead. It has been the target of attacks by magical lightning bolts and fireballs (which set it on fire). Yet, it still stands, a bastion against the machinations of Orcus and his priests and undead legions.
The temple is presided over by Marrison. She is a 6th level human priest of the Raven Queen. She is assisted by a 2nd level male half-elven priest. Also attached to the temple is a 3rd level male human paladin. Marrison and the paladin are both mentors.
Marrison will provide healing for standard rates. Discounts are allowed for followers of the Raven Queen, as well as those harmed while on business in keeping with her aims.

4) Inn
The Hart and Hind. Owned and operated by Xavon Thelopolus. Upscale, good booze (including the occasional shipment of bog whiskey), good food, clean rooms and beds. And you pay for it. A stay in one of the two common rooms runs 5 sp. A night in one of the twin rooms is 1 gp, while a night in the Lord’s Chamber is 2 gp. A standard meal is 3 sp, a fine meal 5sp.

5) Tavern
The Duke’s Folly. For a raucous good time, there is no better place. Owned and managed by Vallis, a 7th level half-elven bard (mentor). Vallis, and any apprentices he may have, performs every eve. The Folly is also known throughout the Hills for its serving staff. They are all pretty without being beautiful, promiscuous without being whorish. It seems there is one for every table and they always know each patron’s name, even if it is his first visit.

6) Wizard
Aldonar is an aging 9th level (Imperial) wizard. He was Gandarrus’ original master and mentored him throughout his career. Now, Aldonar is firmly in his dotage, so Gandarrus has arranged for him to live out his days in this tower. His mind is still quite sharp, and his lucid moments far outweigh his “senior” moments. He is still capable of mentoring, although his methods have become a tad eccentric. He is still also a very able sage, though it may take some time to sift the useful information from the rambling.

7) Mayor
The mayor’s residence. The mayor is Isard (EYE-SARD) Leighs, he is a human, 3rd level Aristocrat. He is responsible for town matters, including judging civil matters pertaining to situations within the walls. He maintains a strong relationship with Lord Elsdon, working together to ensure peace and plenty not just for his town, but for all the settlements of the Verren Hills.

8) Watch and Gaol
The town watch headquarters. The watch is commanded by Larren Stoneshield, a 6th level dwarven fighter. He is fair-minded and duty oriented. He has held the post for 14 years. He maintains a professionally courteous relationship with Jaella, the commander of the Queen’s Own troop. Larren’s sergeant is Quenn Strongarm, a 5th level male hobbit warrior. Quenn is the nightwatch commander. In addition to Larren and Quenn, there are nine other watchmen. Five are on day patrol, the other four are with Quenn on the nightwatch.
The watchmen wear studded leather (AC13). They are armed with halberds and daggers. Two watchmen on each patrol carry a pair of manacles. One watchman on the night patrol carries a lantern hanging from the halberd.

9) Goods and Gear
This is a simple equipment shop. Pretty much anything from the equipment tables can be bought here, although some things may require a few days. Of more particular interest is the proprietor, Melick Weers. Melick showed up shortly after the death of the former owner. He had a will and claimed to be a cousin of the former owner. All was in order, and Melick took over the shop straight away. He immediately improved the inventory and started running the place like a business. Melick is, in fact, an agent for the Trade Mission, here to keep tabs on Batrip Kleeg, the envoy from Hurgan, and Laster Meggs, the envoy from Ysst.

10) Tinker-smith
Turcan, human male, 6th level Expert. He makes simple metal goods, such as pots, pans, tea kettles, plow shares, chain (not mail), nails, and things of that nature. His work is good, unless he strays too far from his comfort zone.

11) Shrine
Dedicated to Elastil, the shrine is maintained by Loris Arvoligh, a female half-elven Adept, 4th level. Some limited healing is available.

12) Ranger
Seagrist Cree makes his home here. It is modest, but comfortable. He isn’t here much, though. He is most often tracking criminals for the watch or on missions for Lord Elsdon. Occasionally he roams the Snowdowns on business of his own. Seagrist can be persuaded to act as a mentor. His knowledge of the area is extensive, and he is more than willing to share what he knows, if he feels those doing the asking are asking for good reason.

13) Tannery
What it says. Stinks to no end. Leather goods are available for sale. Leather armor items aren’t generally available for sale, but repairs to damaged pieces may be had.

14) Tavern
The Old Bridge Alehouse. Aselwick Greatheart, male dwarven Aristocrat 3rd, and Shymara Fairgarden, female hobbit Expert 6th, opened the Old Bridge less than a year ago. She runs the kitchen, while he handles the brewing chores. His Old Bridge Ale is starting to get a following and the building that seemed far too oversized for a simple alehouse is beginning to fill up. Another popular item is the pipeweed Shymara brings in. She has a cousin who is a master herbalist His pipeweed is renowned and in limited distribution. It is not available for sale, however, only for smoking while visiting the Old Bridge.

15) Estate
Envoy from Ysst. Laster Meggs, Aristocrat level 5. He represents Ysstavian trading concerns for all of the Verren Hills, including Blackhall. He works to insure Ysst’s imports get the best possible prices, and that local guilds don’t squeeze out Ysst. He also is in command of Brueller Anammos, leader of a crew of bandits operating along the road to Blackhall, as well as hitting non-Ysst merchants on the road toward the Sard.

16) Sudesh Beers and Ales
Three years ago a man arrived in Ravenhold. He said his name was Sudesh and he was from Jespare. He claimed to be a newly licensed master brewer and petitioned the mayor for permission to open a brewhouse in town. Since there wasn’t already one the request was granted. Now his business is a modest success, supplying beers throughout the Verren Hills settlements.
The fact of the matter is that his real name is Deshanus Meyne (“Desh”). He is from Hurgan. He was on his way up the ladder in the thieves’ guild there, then he got ambitious. He decided he could do it better and formulated a coup plot. Of course, it failed and by some miracle he managed to escape the search parties sent out for him.
He had heard of the Verren Hills settlements and decided they seemed far enough off the beaten path to make a suitable place to hide out. He really did have training as a brewer, at least enough to pass himself off as one and learn as he went, which was exactly what he did.
Now, Ravenhold isn’t large enough to support a real thieves’ guild. However, when all the Verren Hills settlements are considered as a whole, along with the road and trail network linking them, an opportunity for mischief certainly presents itself. Desh has agents in all the “human” towns and villages, and two bandit crews working the roads. He keeps his operation very low profile, seeking only to gather enough resources to return to Hurgan
Desh knows that Melick Weers is really an agent of the Sardic Trade Mission. The agent doesn’t know Desh, though. Desh has grown fond of his new home and would like to tell the town powers that be about the innkeeper, but he is afraid that could lead to some uncomfortable questions.

17) Town Gates
Portcullis, stout iron-bound oak draw-door. Closed at night, no one permitted entry after the town-bell tolls Eve. 2 guards; chainmail, shortswords, halberds.

18) Town-Bell Tower
Common throughout Keldemar, town-bells are how most of its citizens tell time. They toll at specific times, determined by a combination of simple observation, shadow wheels, and sextant readings. There is a bell keeper, Pravaris Odinar, licensed through the Navigator’s Guild. He typically has between one and three apprentices/journeymen working with him. The tolls and their times are listed below:

Dawn The instant the Sun’s orb breaks over the horizon.
Morn The instant the Sun becomes wholly visible. (In some cities, time from now until Dusk is kept with hour glasses, and the bell tolls at fixed intervals. A half-hour is most common. In these cases these tolls supersede all others.)
Mid-Morn Midway between Morn and Noon, observed using a shadow wheel. Noon and Afternoon use the shadow wheel, too.
Noon The Sun is directly overhead. A sextant reading is taken to calibrate hour glass and shadow wheel readings.
Afternoon Midway between Noon and Dusk.
Dusk The bottom rim of the Sun touches the horizon.
Eve Struck the instant the Sun disappears. This is the final toll of the day. There are no tolls struck at night.

Each toll is distinctive, so the time can be recognized in the event of severe cloud cover.

19) Bridge
The new stonework bridge, completed last Spring. There has been some discussion on charging a toll to cross, but the idea hasn’t really caught on.

20) Ruined Bridge
The old town bridge. Two Springs ago a group of bandits rode into town posing as a merchant and his caravan guards. They procured lodging and during the night they broke into the jeweler’s. They rode away with three chests of his wares. To sow confusion, they set his shop on fire (it burned to the ground and the jeweler left town). They made their escape out the south gate, and to hinder pursuit they pulled down the old bridge. It is rumored that wards placed on the chests killed the bandits and the jewel chests are somewhere in the loam of the verren-wood forest.

21) Statue
A slightly larger than life-sized statue of Randis Morningleaf, the hero of the Battle of the Fens.

22) Livestock
A small livestock market, dealing mostly with goats, sheep, and chickens. It is run by Maleth Stigh (steeg) and his family, his wife, three daughters and five sons. Three of the sons are almost always away at the family sheep ranch. They keep a small number of riding ponies and donkeys at the sheep ranch, also.

23) Inn/Stable
Yswold (es-vold) Alehaus Owned and operated by Syneslauch (SīN-əs-lowsh) Yswold, his wife, four daughters, and two sons-in-law. Decent establishment, good menu, attached stable, reasonably priced. The Yswolds are of Arnhic descent, but their families have lived in Keldemar for several generations. They opened a gambling parlor in the inn a few months ago, but Gorco Ǽlisch (AY-lish) wasn’t in the mood for competition, so he gave them time to close down before he killed them.

24) Gambling Hall
Run by Gorco Ǽlisch, from Errovaise. He settled here nearly two years ago. Rumors persist that he was ran out of Mulvrey, then Blackhall, and drifted north until he settled in Ravenhold. He runs a crooked house, but instinctively seems to know when to let the public win to avoid any real unpleasantness. Be wary of winning too much at his tables, though. Those that do have an uncanny way of disappearing or ending up dead. He employs two half-orc goons to help him keep the books . . . “balanced”.

25) Livery/Stable
Somewhat small, but reasonable rates. Run by Haith Gavry (gay-vree), who is also a skilled farrier. He also possess some talent with healing animals.

26) Pathfinder Lodge
Please refer to separate section, “Groups with Influence in Ravenhold”.

27) Leatherworker
Trudy Redberry, a female hobbit, owns this business. She is very talented, but limits her work to clothing and household items. She makes a traveller’s cloak that is second to none. This cloak provides a +1 equipment bonus to the Fortitude save for exposure, and reduces any damage due to exposure by -1. It is considered a masterwork item.

28) Embalmer/Funeral Parlor
Haxus Cale is the picture of a master embalmer. Tall, gaunt, with sunken features and a grayish pallor. His face is long and sallow, with large, forlorn eyes. His hair is thin and sparse, and he is constantly fiddling with it with his overly long and bony fingers. He speaks slowly, and rarely above a hissing whisper. He is an excellent embalmer, however, and an adept of the Raven Queen, and so knowledgeable of the wards necessary to protect the bodies of the dead. He is also an authority on undead lore, and the hideous lord of the living dead, Orcus, though few know this. There are only two embalmers in the hills, Haxus is one, the other is in Tinker’s Dole. The grave digger at the Old Crag is Haxus’ twin brother.

29) Miller
Pyet Travus (tray-vus) is originally from Darranor. A fever outbreak befell his town, killing all in his family save him and his youngest daughter. Unable to remain where his memories were so fresh, he eventually found his way to Ravenhold. An honest, hard-working man, Pyet keeps mostly to himself. Being a guild master, he sits on the town council, but he is rarely seen out other than at council meetings.

30) Tailor
Leedus Doddit is the town’s journeyman tailor. He has applied for his master’s license an astonishing 23 times. He is just no good. In fact, he would go under were it not for the fact that Haxus Cale is his brother-in-law and commissions him for all the funeral garments. His wife is a frequent visitor at the gambling hall.

31) Queen’s Own
A detachment of the Queen’s Own Guard. Please see the section “Groups with Influence in Ravenhold” for a complete description.

32) Herbalist
Lusanna Valon is a 4th level Adept of Gozreh. She often employs adventurous sorts to venture into the marsh or Witch-Wood in search of some rare herb. She is in a heated rivalry with Polás Lluvais (pō-LAH LOO-vay), the Apothecary. Their rivalry sometimes escalates to shouted insults when they see each other in public. The truth is, they are lovers. The real mystery is why they feel the need for such secrecy.

33) Apothecary
Polás Lluvais (pō-lah loo-vay) is a hedge wizard from Antararosa. He has set himself up as an alchemist, but he has no formal education as such. He opened his apothecary shop almost one year ago. His focus, as may be expected, is on brewing potions. He is quite skilled, and possesses an impressive collection of recipes. His prices are somewhat inflated due to his enhanced sense of self and the lack of competition.

34) Sawmill
Located on the river, and using the river to turn gears, which then turn belts, driving the saw blades, it is the only sawmill of its kind in Keldemar. In fact, the nearest one is in Avantor. It is owned and run by Gadvary Closs and his family. His sons, sons-in-law, and grandsons are divided into five crews. One works the mill, one transports logs, and three go logging. The crews rotate assignment every tenday. The Closs family is tight-knit; their mill is not popular with other logging outfits in the Hills. It is a very efficient machine and the family’s operation is quite efficient as well.

35) Woodcrafter
Olarren, an elf, is a true master woodcrafter. He specializes in musical instruments from Vellenwood, especially flutes. He does make a fair number of stringed instruments as well. All of his flutes are masterwork, as a matter of course.

36) Woodcrafter
This shop is run by Tuzar Blay. He is a very good woodcrafter, able to make near anything from wood. His instruments aren’t quite as good as Olarren’s, but it takes a very talented ear to tell it. He doesn’t specialize in musical instruments, however. His true talent is as a bowyer. His verren-wood bows and arrows are known as far away as Eirfalia. He also doesn’t limit himself to Verrenwood, working with whatever wood best suits the purpose and price.

37) Woodsman’s Guild
Woodsmen of all stripes, crafters, sawyers, and loggers, are a potent group in the Verren Hills. Verren wood and objects crafted from it are in great demand all across Calanthas and beyond. That financial potential brings power, and these groups have banded together to pool that power. Shurmott Tomdiss, a guildsman from Jespare came into town almost five years ago and organized the woodsmen into a single guild. The woodsmen have enjoyed ever-growing prosperity since then, but none have been more prosperous than Shurmott himself. The Closs family are starting to chaff at the “rule” of an outsider. The financial potency of their sawmill is lending definite weight to their claims, and there are those in the guild who believe they could benefit from Closs leadership.

38) Caravan Merchant
Batrip Kleeg is a merchant of Hurgan. He runs regular caravans to Hurgan, carrying verren-wood products there, and returns mostly with raw goods for local craftsmen, especially metal and bolts of cloth. He has a large house just outside the south gate. He also has a barn/storehouse where he keeps inventory and his oxen. The freight business, although profitable, is merely a cover. His true purpose is to establish Hurgan’s stranglehold on Ravenhold’s commerce flow.

39) Smithy
A general-purpose smithy, Yxel Varr is a skilled artisan. Fully capable of crafting weapons and armor, he also makes household items, and pretty much anything else aside from horseshoes. He steadfastly refuses special commissions, believing that his money is made by making things in a more “general” fashion.

40) Smithy
Cross-creek rival of Yxel Varr, Macer Greybrow is a dwarven smith of towering reputation. She is the polar opposite of Yxel Varr, not producing anything not specifically commissioned. Very expensive, and worth every ounce of coin, her work is known throughout the region.

A Brief History of the Verren Hills and Ravenhold

The original inhabitants of the Verren Hills were the elves of Evar’s Grace. The village wasn’t much different then as it is now. The elves lived quietly, crafting masterwork bows and flutes from the verren trees. At some unrecorded point a clan of hobbits founded Hardbottom. They coexisted peacefully with the elves, remaining on friendly terms to this day.
Approximately 270 years ago, Demmin Sirripar, a priest of the Raven Queen, had a vision. In it he was instructed to go to the Verren Hills (which no one had heard of at the time) and erect a temple. He gathered his followers and set out to do this. During construction, Göen Lùon, a paladin of some repute, arrived with his men. He offered their services to Demmin, in pursuit of the Queen’s enemies. Undead activity had been steadily increasing against the settlers that were attracted to the temple. The paladin and his men set right to work dispatching the lesser undead, while trying to suss out the mastermind behind the attacks.
It was discovered that a priest of Orcus had established himself in a ruined outpost in the southeast of the Snowdowns. The skirmishing continued for nearly 14 years as each side marshalled forces and raised defenses. The paladin had built a keep near the temple and a village was prospering between them. Keldemar was in its infancy then, so the people knew there would be no aid from kings or emperors. They armed themselves, dug in, and made ready.
The undead army was ultimately defeated (the Battle of the Fens). Relative peace returned to the Verren Hills. Other settlements began springing up. Ravenhold grew into a small town, its status made official with the completion of its wall. Göen Lùon’s successor, Ernalius, erected a new tower at the peak of the hill overlooking the town. He established the Queen’s Own Guard, charged with patrol and defense of all the Verren Hills settlements. He abdicated lordship of the town in favor of a mayor, and assumed command of the Queen’s Own, and an advisory position nominally in lordship of all the hill settlements. That is the arrangement that holds to this day.

The Battle of the Fens

Randis Morningleaf, a half-elven ranger, took command of the village soldiery. He led them into the Dreadwater Fen, on the northern shores of the Misty Lake. Randis was uncannily familiar with the fens and led the undead hoard on a grand chase after his army. He led them through bottomless bogs and quicksand pits until there were none left. He lost only three of his own men.
In the meantime, Göen Lùon, along with what remained of his original command that had followed him to the Verren Hills, assaulted the stronghold of the evil priest. The largest portion of his army was being destroyed in detail in the fens, and he left only his personal guard in the fortress to defend him. He was killed in the attack, as was Göen Lùon and all but one of his men, Ernalius Morr, his young squire.
Demmin came to the stronghold, once all was secure, to set wards to insure it wouldn’t fall into dark purpose again. The center-piece of his wards was an eternally burning flame and to entomb the body of the paladin on the premises.

The Current Environment

The settlements of the Verren Hills are beginning to attract the notice of the powers that border them. Envoys from the Sardonnen city-states of Hurgan and Ysst are abroad in the hills. Overseers from the Trade Mission monitor their activities, mostly in secret. Keldish ambassadors also seek allegiance from the Verren communities, believing their rising strength would make a great buffer on their northern march. The Lord of Blackhall, aware of his king’s desire, seeks to bring the Hills directly under his banner, increasing his holdings and his stature at court, both at once.
Their prosperity has attracted other attentions as well. Bandits and other assorted, and disorganized, interests from the Snowdowns cast a greedy eye southwards. Bandits roam the eaves of the Great Northern Wood easterly, as well, preying on trade bound for Earend. There are also monstrous threats from the Great Northern Wood.
To the west the Errovaisian nobility looks on the hills with a greedy eye. A ready-made enclave south of the Long River, in Keldemar’s backyard, the Verren Hills would be a marvelous prize.

Against all this stands the people of the Raven Queen. Her vision sent to her priest led to all this. The Verren Hills settlements are hers. The economic maneuvering concerns her very little. The expansionist aims of Errovaise, and the assorted threats from the Snowdowns and the Northwoods are where her attentions turn. Her temple and her Guard hold these hills against Orcus, who yet still sows havoc in the Snowdowns, ever seeking to expand his influence.

A Note on Verren-wood
Verren trees grow in abundance in the hills and vales of the region. The followers of the Raven Queen believe this was why she chose these hills for her temple. The trees are of two varieties, named for the color of the leaves, Silver and Gold. The Silver Verren trees are taller and thinner, with long straight limbs that have a whip-like quality. The body of the wood is somewhat soft, easy to work, and whitish in color. In its natural state its grain is all but invisible, but when stained it is radiant. The Silver Verren is most suited to musical instruments and things of a decorative nature. It is not nearly as durable as the Gold wood, but being easier to work, is often used for things that won’t face hardship.
The Gold Verren-wood is much harder. It is extremely hard to scratch or dent. The trees are shorter than their Silver brothers. Their limbs branch often, leaving few long stretches apart from the main trunk. Owing to its density, it is much harder to work than Silver. It is most often used in items that either don’t require decorative carving, or will be roughly treated. Bows and arrows, and staffs are commonly crafted from the Gold wood. Stringed musical instruments are also made from it, as the hard wood and dense grain resonate like none other.
The Silver has one additional property unique to it. When carved into a holy symbol of the Raven Queen, and brandished by one of her priests or paladins, it is extremely potent against the undead.

Groups with Influence in Ravenhold

The Pathfinders
The organization now known as the Pathfinders started out as the Cathrian Imperial Cartographic Ministry. Their original mission was to develop maps and cultural profiles to facilitate expansion of the Empire, both economically and militarily. Now, the Pathfinders are a bit more mercenary in their endeavors. If knowledge is indeed power, then the Pathfinders are powerful indeed. It is also said that knowledge is not without price, and in Calanthas, the Pathfinders set the price.
The Pathfinder lodge in Ravenhold is strong, secure, and decidedly comfortable. It is dominated by a 40’ tower, three floors, plus a basement and flat, battlemented roof. There is also a separate stable, complete with a small forge and anvil. The Secretary (as lodge masters are known) has a separate residence within the lodge grounds. There are two wings adjoining the tower, with a small library, map room, and studies. Some basic equipment and supplies are kept on hand, available for purchase. Services are also on offer for Chroniclers, such as basic healing, magic item identification, there are even a small assortment of spell books that wizards may copy from. For a price, of course.
This lodge is a well-kept secret. It is very well appointed with goods and services, safe, secure, and most importantly, growing. The Secretary, Mazallar Groytus, is ambitious, but within the context of believing in the Pathfinders’ mission to his core. He has no interest in politics, apart from what political clout can do for his Chroniclers. He is originally from Galtara, and he brings their devotion to duty and high sense of honor to this post.

The Queen’s Own
A detachment of the Queen’s Own Guard is posted in Ravenhold. There are 33 soldiers in the detachment, plus a captain, sergeant, and corporal. The soldiers of the Queen’s Own are dedicated, disciplined, and fiercely loyal to Lord Elsdon. They are also smart, motivated, and completely capable of independent action. They routinely patrol the roads between Hills settlements, as well as investigating reports of suspicious activity. They are not responsible, however, for crime inside the town walls, unless it involves anything to do with necromancy.
The building they occupy is a smallish tower with two attached buildings. They have an extensive armory, with a weaponsmith and small forge and smithing set up on site. There is a chapel to the Raven Queen, which is open to all. The town population that follows the Raven Queen attends service at the main chapel, but a fair number of fighter types do attend here. It is conducted by Corporal Ratolli (rah-TŌLĒ), a paladin, and has a definite martial bend to it.

Some Laws of Ravenhold

  • There shall be no gambling inside the town walls.
  • Except by special permit, there shall be no riding or draft animals inside the town walls.
  • No animals may roam free within town walls.
  • No magic that affects another may be used without express permission.
  • No magic that has potential to cause real property damage may be used.
  • No magic of necromantic origin may be used; including any magic, miracle, or other effect used to restore life to the dead.
  • It is unlawful to speak or write anything using either Abyssal or Infernal languages.
  • The possession and carrying of weapons is lawful, however: if such weapon is used in violence (not proven to be self-defense) against another, the minimum charge will be attempted murder.
  • Armor of primarily metal construction may not be worn inside town walls. (Men may become unduly courageous when facing the guard in full harness.)
  • No one is permitted entry into the town after the town bell tolls Eve.
  • The worship of Asmodeus and/or Orcus is forbidden. Adepts, priests, and adherents of their faiths are not allowed inside town walls. They shall be denied entry at the gate, and if found inside the walls, placed under arrest and charged with practicing of a proscribed religion.


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